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Around town, or around the world, with over 10+ branches and an extensive agent network. we deliver wherever your goods need to go. We balance speed and cost by using road, rail, sea & air transport to meet your delivery requirements.

From one small parcel right through to full shipping containers we can meet all your general freight needs and more. Our specialist teams meet your requirements for hazardous goods, perishables, fragile items, liquids, fashion, or government services.

The CCL Difference is our people, our culture, and how we can improve your business.

Our approach is fresh and our solutions are unique. You can measure the difference in our performance and in your results.

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Dear All Valuable Clients,

In OMAN we have a new customs system called BAYAN & all customers should be registered their company in OMAN customs & they should get the BAYAN CODE before 25TH of August 2015.

We are not responsible if consignee are not registered their company in OMAN customs before 25th of August. Storage / late manifest filing charges will be billed back to your end.

In this regards please pass the message to your loading port agent & shipper has to inform the same to consignee.

Dear All Valuable Clients,
We would like to notify you the recent below changes in Customs Clearance of commercial shipments.
All Certificate of Origins (COO) and Commercial Invoices to be attested by the following Authorities.

  • Chamber Of Commerce at Country of Exporting
  • Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (MOF) at Country Of Exporting
  • Embassy of Kuwait at Country Of Exporting, in case of non-existence of Kuwait Embassies at Country Of Origin, nearest GCC Embassy is preferred.

Failure to the meet the above requirement, Clearance under deposit is optional.

Commercial shipments split and paperwork requirements:

  • Shipments >1500US$ & < 3000US$ CIF an attested original detailed invoice will be necessary for clearance
  • Shipments >3000US$ CIF both an attested original detailed invoice and a certificate of origin will be necessary for clearance

The above is effective as of Sunday August 9th 2015

Latest News

Dear Customers & Colleagues,

We, CCL celebrating it’s 4th anniversary this coming June 13 2016. As you all aware that we have started our Business module from the scratch and growing towards a remarkable position on these recent years and we are strongly believe that we can do more and more better on forth coming years.

In this occasion, I would like to thank to all my team members who has put down their head to make this company grow more and more from my bottom of the heart and express my warm welcome to all new comers to pursue their career with CCL. Thus, we would like to celebrate this success by honouring all our employees who have helped to make this feat possible.

Last but not least - our beloved customers are the biggest supporter for us all the time to stand by us to bring up to the mark and we always express our sincere gratitude towards their support and trying to offer the best in class all the time.


Managing Director

Dear My Colleagues,

Happy New Year, 2015 is behind us with all kind of challenges and successes. 2016, We are at the beginning of our new journey down the road, We must think that this New Year gives us the opportunity for new starts, for resolutions and renewed enthusiasm towards our passion.

Just as in any new year , there is much to be done and while on the road we have to face many challenges and it could not be a smooth journey but we are confident that you will meet these challenges and overcome it with your professional experience and confident.

We have a big dream to achieve and with your sincere efforts we are very much sure that we will achieve it & set things on place, with those almighty we must help every individuals to grow in their personal and professional life and that moment gives us so much of joy in our life and make our life meaningful, If all of your life is meaningful then obviously our organisation can face any kind of challenges with anyone in this world with more charm and courage.

People can copy only those who are on the path of success & be proud that we are among the one on the way of success on all our dimensions, I welcome all of you to step into 2016 with full of smile and audacious take overs which gives us real fun !!

Happy New Year to you and your entire family, Cheers..

Yours sincerely,
Managing Director

13-Jun-2014, Today will mark your 2nd anniversary as a member of CCL family; we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for these past two years of fine workman ship and company loyalty. I know that the growth and success of our company is largely dependent on having strong and capable staff members, such as yourself, and recognise the contribution you make in helping us to maintain the position we enjoy in the industry.

We hoping that you all will remain with me for many years to come and would like to offer our congratulations on this anniversary to you & your family members who are supporting us from away.

2nd year anniversary resolution –
We should be leader in market on coming years and rule this industry as a topper in all dimensions that we can, be prepare yourself, lot of things are pending aside to achieve. Come on team, cheer up!!!! Have fun!!

We have successfully completed our first year and stepping into second year operations on LCL consolidation. We would like to thank the valuable customers and supporters to share this wonderful moment.

At CCL, things have been exciting very much, we have our strong internal strategic planning and our team has developed the framework for a new strategic plan. We are engaging in the planning effort to position the organization to effectively approach industry changes and to take advantage of opportunities that come our way.

A major tenant of the plan: A strong push to expand service to all our customers & individuals and the business community. We will be sure to highlight changes as they develop in future newsletters. Briefly reflecting on 2012 - 2013, our first year of operation as an incorporated entity was rewarding. We learned a lot within a short period of time and ended the year on a positive note. We are now taking that momentum into our 2 year with ambitious goals and many good things to come. New services are already available at CCL such as a Europe & US direct LCL services, Air Freight and FCL freight forwarding services that provides additional services and supportive features & benefits to all our customers in the trade..

We are excited about the upcoming year and look forward to strengthening bonds with our supporters and customers. Thank you for your trust in our ability to provide you with exceptional services.

Instant Contacts

Instant contacts for Chennai


Name Department Email Id Mobile No
Mr. Girish General Manager girish@cargoconsol.in +91 9003096407
Ms. Gayathri Manager-sales /FCL & AIR gayu.chn@cargoconsol.in +91 9840356623
Mr. Abishek Manager – Export abishek.chn@cargoconsol.in +91 9840902627
Mr. Gnanasekar Manager –Credit Control gnanasekar@cargoconsol.in +91 755000 9408
Mr.Maheswaran Deputy Manager – Sales mahesh.chn@cargoconsol.in +91 9003009773
Mr. Sukesh Asst.Manager -Sales sukesh.chn@cargoconsol.in +91 9840902625
Mr. Gopi Asst.Manager -Sales gopi.chn@cargoconsol.in +91 9840902626
Mr. Rajadurai Asst.Manager- Sales durai.chn@cargoconsol.in +91 9003009771
Ms. Devi Shree Sr. Executive – Customer Support csv.chn@cargoconsol.in +91 9840901007
Mr. Stephen Sales Support stephen.chn@cargoconsol.in +91 44 49125500
Ms. Vanitha Asst.Manager – Finance vanitha.chn@cargoconsol.in +91 9597825811
Mr. Sathish Sr.Executive – Accounts sathish.chn@cargoconsol.in +91 95000 97542
Mr. Sathiya Operation +91 9840902631
Mr. Vijay Operation +91 9840902630
Ms. Asina begum Tele Marketing support.chn@cargoconsol.in +91 44 49125570
Ms. Narmatha Export – Documentation +91 044 49125500
Mr. Ranjith Executive – Finance ranjith.chn@cargoconsol.in +91 44 49125500
Mr. Naveen Kumar Executive – Documentation naveen.chn@cargoconsol.in +91 9840356624
Instant contacts for Chennai


Name Department Email Id Mobile No
Mr. Siva Kumar Regional Manager siva@cargoconsol.in +91 9597698160
Mr. Jayaprakash Manager – Imports jayp.chn@cargoconsol.in +91 7550 002561
Mr.Suresh Asst.Manager – Sales suresh.chn@cargoconsol.in +91 44 49125500
Ms. Sunil Sr.Executive – Sales Support sunil.chn@cargoconsol.in +91 7550002560
Ms. Suganya Sr.Executive – Imports suganya.chn@cargoconsol.in +91 44 49125500
Mr. Jaganathan Sr. Executive – Sales jagan.chn@cargoconsol.in +91 9597825812
Mr. Balaji Executive – sales bala.chn@cargoconsol.in +91 9500097542
Instant contacts for Bangalore
Name Department Email Mobile No
Mr. Prashanth Manager-Sales prasanth.blr@cargoconsol.in +91 9500097538
Mr. Suman Asst.General Manager suman.blr@cargoconsol.in +91 7022889144
Mr. Naresh Operation cclcsu.blr@cargoconsol.in +91 7022889146
Ms. Jansi Sr. Executive – Customer Support jansi@cargoconsol.in +91 7022889148
Instant contacts for Coimbatore
Name Department Email Mobile No
Mr. V.Prakash Asst Manager – Sales prakash.cbe@cargoconsol.in +91 9003096457
Instant contacts for Tuticorin
Name Department Email Mobile No
Mr. G.Kamal sekar Manager – Sales kamal.tut@cargoconsol.in +91 9500097539
Mr. William Jackson Sr.Executive – Sales jackson.tut@cargoconsol.in +91 9597825814
Ms. Siva ranjani Executive – Customer support & Documentation ranjani.tut@cargoconsol.in +91 461 4227539
Instant contacts for Colombo
Name Department Email Mobile No
Mr. Zaid Fazal Manager-Business & Global Network Development zaid@cargoconsol.lk +94 77 720 5239